The Iconic Tractor and The Fountain of Energy

I have settled into Island life nicely… and have absolutely no idea what day it is.

Wild berry porridge with a pinch of cinnamon is magnificent start to the day!


Yesterday I left the island… it was exciting, I went to a supermarket, a bottle shop and had a coffee!!. The lovely local who is the contact for the residency on the island, Linda, took me in with her to Akureyri. The bus company who runs in the area refuses to cooperate and actually time its runs with any of the ferry departures and the couple that do fit they still drop you 15kms away – so I am a little dependant on hitting up locals for lifts, which they are very generous in offering. Most locals have a car and a tractor (I will come back to this point) on the island and a car at the ferry stop as it is a good 25 minutes to Akureyri the bigger town, or 10mins to Dalvik. On the ferry over I questioned Linda on why the locals all had tractors- I am not sure what I was expecting but certainly not the story I got. Apparently about 30 years ago, a local bought the first tractor over… and there started the trend. Its like a rubik’s cube fad that just never died out. Now its just the done thing… a brightly coloured tractor, the bigger the better. Why you need two vehicles in a town of about 50 houses with three streets is slightly perplexing… occasionally one chugs down the street, but mostly the just sit on the from lawn looking funky!

IMG_6068 IMG_6055 IMG_6066 IMG_6065

So today I walked to the most important site on the island- an Orgasmic energy spot if you rely on the sign…. where a couple of benches sit facing Cold Back Mountain, take the time to read the sign- you will be put into a trance like state; who ever wrote it quite clearly writes for the Icelandic Mills and Boon on the side. Unfortunately for me, my callous and unspiritual nature meant I was unable to hear the faint musical tones, and my puffing from hiking there meant the sensation of gliding away was also somewhat debatable, I mean to take a bottle of wine up there soon and have another crack. :)Just click on the images to make them bigger… all you visually impaired readers.


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