Farewell to a Land of Fire and Ice

last days-8414

There is a rawness and a honesty about life in Iceland which I love; and not just because of the ever present molten bedrock mountains pushing skyward, sometimes raw and exposed, other times covered in a thick snowy white shroud. The landscape had a profound effect on me, I was constantly floored by its beauty, it effects you almost at a cellular level, your whole body is electrified from the vast powerful beauty, sometimes you even feel like your have been punched in the guts, winded by its magnificence.

I was lucky enough to get a last look at some more amazing landscapes, as Jón was kind enough to drive me the long route (over 6 hours) home to Reykjavik, via Siglufjörður. Iceland’s most northerly town, Siglufjörður clings precariously to the foot of steep mountain walls which enclose an isolated narrow fjord on the very edge of Iceland, a very pretty town particularly vulnerable to avalanches, huge trenches have been dug and large wing spans are built into the mountain to slow down any potential devastating avalanches. The town began around the herring industry boom in the 1940s and 1950s, today the town remains dependent on fishing industries although the herring are gone. In an attempt to to reverse the population shrinking in the area and improve tourist activity, two road tunnels were dug between Siglufjörður to the neighbouring town of Ólafsfjörður to connect with the region of Eyjafjörður in the east. These tunnels are called Héðinsfjörður Tunnel and their total length is 11 km – they are quite terrifying as they are one lane with little bays every 100 yards where you can pull in if you see on coming head lights….. there is a fantastic restaurant and hotel there which I wish I had had the chance to stay at- we did have a lovely lunch there…. http://www.siglohotel.is – The Siglo Hotel is the green building in the pictures below… these are all of Siglufjörður.

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road trip 2 road trip 1\

The following selection of images have been taken from the car, some just driving along, and some with Jón patiently waiting while I leapt from the car in an ungainly manner, it was a long drive and around every corner was another amazing scene, so we could not stop everywhere.  But you can get an idea of how amazing the scenery is by the photographs, you can click on them to see them bigger. Perhaps one day I will get the chance to come back and take more time through these areas, but it would not be the same without the best tour guide in Iceland.

So long Iceland…. and too my patient hound and horse… I will be home soon. xxx

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