Day 4ish?? More clouds, mountains and beautiful light

Below are a slew of images from the last couple of days… more beautiful light. I am still waiting for my paints after DHL Iceland decided to be incredibly useless and not process my tax payment after I had rung them straight away, so my paints have been sitting about in Reykjavik without me. I saw the Northern Lights for the first time last night!! It was only a mild show, so no photos this time, but tonight they are meant to be good!! The mountains are shy and disappeared in a shroud of cloud, totally at some points…  especially those shots where it looks like flat headlands- there are large mountains hidden beneath these clouds. The piles of stones are used as markers for when the snow is deep and covering the path, these are all over iceland. Just click on an image if you want to see it bigger!

_DSC3806 _DSC3859 _DSC3857 _DSC3872 _DSC3899 _DSC3911 _DSC3908 _DSC3925 _DSC3932 _DSC3929 _DSC4007 _DSC3965 _DSC3935 _DSC3726 _DSC3721 _DSC3727 _DSC3734 _DSC3730 _DSC3743 _DSC3746 _DSC3764 _DSC3765 _DSC3763 _DSC3770 _DSC3767 _DSC3769 _DSC3791 _DSC3794 _DSC3807

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  • Awesome Anwen! You’re so intrepid and making the most of everything looks fantastic … Keep em coming!


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