The Long Winding Road home….


_DSC1844.jpgAs the sun sank on our drive home, I couldn’t help but be mesmerised by the peach and nectarine colours of the sky…. or like a perfectly blushing Rosé… (not that easy to find here in Iceland).  We wound our way around the lake which was half frozen, as the light was at its softest- mountain and reflection melded together. From there over the pass we wove our way around the edge of the Fjord, with the lovely island of Hrisey lying peacefully in it’s watery surrounds to Akureyri and then onwards South to Reyjkavik. Somehow, I love the images of the road disappearing into the vast snowy space. As the light finally dissipated, the Northern lights took the suns place and danced their way across the sky lighting our way home. The next day I headed back to my little town of Laugarvatn, those are are the final series of photographs. All these shots have just been snapped form the car, they are not masterpieces, but they should give you an idea of the vast beauty of this incredible country.

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