Endless Beauty on the road North

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.28.57 PM.png

I drove up from Laugarvatn in the morning via the National Park, as the website said the going was good (lets just say fairly good), met up with Jón and collected our passengers and off we went. The drive up North to Jón’s family farm where the Þorrablót was held is a good 5 1/2hr drive, sometimes more with the obligatory hot dog stop, and depending on the amount of snow and ice on the roads. We were lucky as conditions were good for the drive, and perfect for me to snap a million photos from the passenger seat! The views were incredible… it just floors you with the magnificence of the landscape and the light at this time of year is just breath-taking. With the few warmer days, the snow had melted substantially in some areas. The map below is from Lightroom, and shows the spots where most of the photos were taken. We had Jón’s son and brother with us, who quietly sat in the back …





    • Hahaha hey Sandy… I know the problem is I am taking SOOOOOO many photos.. and I want to paint ALL of them… anyway at this point I will paint a few and see how we go… I have another lot of photos which i have just downloaded to try and sort out… the only thing missing here for me is a geriatric spotty dog and an extremely large carthorse… then I would be in heaven!!


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