The Deportation…

  1. the action of deporting a foreigner from a country… (or city??)


So all fun must come to an end at some point… and after a few days of irregular sleep patterns, frolicking in the snow and being generally overwhelmingly happy it was time for me to dust off my adventure pants and be delivered by the very tolerant and patient Viking to my artist residency where I was/am to spend the next couple of months painting… and writing this self-indulgent blog. Not only is the Viking displaying incredible tolerance in his patience with me – including being dragged around Reykjavik looking for random art supplies, food rations and what ever else took my fancy… he is being very tolerant in having our budding romance splashed across the internet (hang on… he dropped me off on Monday.. and haven’t seen him since… ). Many dear friends have suggested that perhaps his grasp of English is lacking which is why he puts up with my nonsense… but in actual fact he speaks better English than me… most of the time; is better read and an excellent cook… need I say more? 😛



So back to the task at hand… Before I left in November I had contacted a number of artist residencies about the possibility of working in January and February… and luckily I found the perfect place, about 1hr from Reyjkavik. A residency called Gullkistan on the outskirts of Laugarvatn…  Gullkistan. But before I go into this delightful adventure, I would like to share some of the beautiful scenery that we encountered on our way here.

As always Jón took me the most dramatic and scenic route, which may have involved a closed road due to snow… and some “walking tracks”… luckily I have watched a few episodes of “Ice Road Truckers” and am quietly confident Jón has all it takes to be one… 😉

Most of the shots below were snapped through the car window … too cold to get out!!




    • Thanks Marta it is mind blowing! Because there is only a little over 4 hours of daylight- what light there is, is magical… like a permanent twilight!!! So soft!


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