Day 2 – Tea for two and a very small lighthouse.

I am still waiting for my paints to arrive… a brand new gleaming set of Old Holland Oil Paints in a lovely wooden box… hurry up… as I really want to play with some of these landscapes. Although the light the last couple of days has not come close to rivalling the beauty of the first morning. It has been very damp, foggy, gray and quite flat light, and at 6.30am when I got up to check whether it was time for more beautiful shots, I crawled straight back into bed and pulled the donna over my head.

Today my time has been spent writing this literary masterpiece, utilising the kitchen, meeting a local (they do exist) and marching about this small island… somehow I managed to walk 14km today- a good effort considering the island is only 6.5km long. Do I admit to watching an episode of Game of thrones?? 😛


I visited the lovely lady I met at the wharf waiting for the ferry, her name is Lolo, she lives very close by (doesn’t everyone- there are only 100 people here). She cooked me some very special tea made from plants she collected on the island- very good for prostate issues (???) which had a slightly odd taste. I in turn had brought along something I called cookies… which were more like little oaten pebbles…. (I had just chucked a few ingredients together that I found left over from previous artists.) Lolo told me about her “man” who was a famous Icelandic Clown, known for flying an old bi-plane… he now runs a small museum (couldn’t quite work out if it was a clown museum or not!). So I was quite pleased to have met a real local…
IMG_5959IMG_5964  IMG_5965

Later in the afternoon I decided to venture to the Lighthouse- it sounded like a grand structure worthy of a visit, as I strolled out, there was once more no signs of life in this little town… Quietly confident I could find the lighthouse without the need for a map…I marched off, this time I managed to take the only two deviations off the road going the wrong direction, the first meaning I got to see the very tiny grave yard… and a flat-ish bit of paddock with a sign saying airport and a windsock… eventually I realised my error and found my way back on course. As I trudged onwards the fog rolled in, finally after 2hrs and what seemed like a very long hill a very small orange lighthouse appeared out of the mist. Lets just say it wasn’t the most impressive lighthouse structure I have ever seen. Remarkably I did not take any wrong turns on the way home, so made it back in substantially less time than it took me to get there… which was lucky as it was starting to get dark.

IMG_5952IMG_5960 IMG_5961

IMG_5962   IMG_5975

Above: No sign of the locals, bar a couple of Ptarmigans who are too fat to fly far after gorging on berries… evidence of this covers the ground.


Above: Airport??

IMG_5991 IMG_5993

Above: Not so impressive orange lighthouse… and no views at all… just fog!!

IMG_5995  IMG_5994

Above: Somewhere in that fog is the town… And proof of location 🙂

_DSC3559 IMG_5998_DSC3545 IMG_5998

IMG_5999  IMG_5996 IMG_5987

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