First Day on Hrísey

Today is my first whole day here in Hrísey; I woke earlyish… 6.30am, it was wintery and blustery outside but I was keen to go explore this little island and play with my Nikon D810 after some good tips from a talented Danish Photographer, Steffen T. Nielsen ( I met at Englesholm in Denmark.

I rugged up feeling like quite the adventurer- and a little glad I had purchased what I call my “adventure pants” “adventure boots” & “adventure jacket” (to the amusement of friends who were dragged on various purchasing voyages), jammed a beanie on, grabbed gloves and camera- didn’t take a map- the island isn’t that big I figured I would be able to find my way…

This place is like a dream, the sky this morning was leaden and the clouds rolled about above in various stratospheres creating beautiful muted light. The ground is made up of small soft mossy mounds, which are really easy to trip on when you keep staring at the sky with a sense of wonder and bewilderment. I filled my memory card. My favourite mountain is Kaldbakr (cold-back mountain) which sits with its snow capped peaks beneath a soft blanket of cloud, the locals consider it a powerful source of strength and energy.

The following photos of the landscape are many but I couldn’t choose amongst them, at times the sky had a warmth to it, soft warm hues which surprised me, with the coolness of the blues of the mountain and mists. Sorry for the multitude of images, but I am going to be self indulgent and post them all… or indescisive… 😉

_DSC3248  _DSC3280   _DSC3238  _DSC3241    _DSC3278   _DSC3272  _DSC3293 _DSC3311  _DSC3428 _DSC3415  _DSC3293  _DSC3326  _DSC3310   _DSC3403  _DSC3241   _DSC3266    _DSC3284 _DSC3439  _DSC3428 _DSC3415  _DSC3407  _DSC3297  _DSC3308 _DSC3512  _DSC3502 _DSC3500  _DSC3498 _DSC3518  _DSC3523_DSC3485 _DSC3476 _DSC3475 _DSC3454 _DSC3458 _DSC3469

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  • Anwen, loving the pictures and the stories. Are you ever going to get any work done? Keep them coming. 1500 followers!!


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