A last post of love, loss and a windswept landscape.


Kemst þó hægt fari

You will reach your destination even though you travel slowly.

This is the last blog of my Icelandic adventures. I have written the last few blogs here in my vast homeland of seemingly endless sunshine & warmth. Those last couple of weeks and last few adventures in Iceland were wonderful; but they were not easy, interspersed with grand vistas; adrenalin & amazement there were moments of great sadness for me, perhaps for the Viking too. In my usual impulsive fashion- lets face it, if I wasn’t impulsive I would never have ended up in Iceland in the first place; I had thrown myself heart and soul at the Vikings feet. I still think he made a mistake, he should have asked me to stay…. I am not sure how our time together could have been any better. I would have moved to Iceland for him, if that is what he had wanted. I think my happiness and love was magnified by place, and the magical land that is Iceland … But what can I do… come home, lick my wounds and paint. I have a show in Sydney at Liverpool St Gallery in October, of large Icelandic landscapes… a genre I never saw myself painting, but after my time in Iceland, I am compelled to paint these images.

I will forever be thankful to the Viking for sharing his beautiful country with me and for so many wonderful experiences, and I am so excited about the large paintings that will be the result of these adventures… there will always be a little bit of the Viking in these paintings.


There is a rawness and a honesty about life in Iceland which I loved; and not just because of the ever present molten bedrock mountains pushing skyward, sometimes raw and exposed, other times covered in a thick snowy white shroud. The landscape had a profound effect on me, I was constantly floored by its beauty, it effects you almost at a cellular level, your whole body is electrified from the vast powerful beauty, sometimes you even feel like your have been punched in the guts, winded by its magnificence.

The following images and videos are from the last trip to the southeast, yes the main attractions and sights are amazing, but so are the spaces in between. The landscape is spellbinding. Thank you to those that have followed my self indulgent tales of my adventures.

kveðjum – farewell

The first of my large Icelandic Landscape paintings
Goodbye my Viking.

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