Hrisey and the winding road South

We spent the day in Akureyri before heading over by ferry to the beautiful little Island Hrisey (Previous post on Hrisey- click here). There was so much snow piled up around town compared to the light dusting there had been when I left in November. Just above town are some great little ski slopes, not having packed ski gear… we didn’t go skiing but we went and had a look- and of course conditions looked amazing much to our chagrin.


I was really looking forward to seeing my good friends on Hrisey, Hrafnhildur, Linda and Asgeir…. I was not looking as forward to the fine dining experience! We had a fantastic evening, dancing, drinking & being merry! It was beautiful to see Hrisey covered in snow.

Jón was kind enough to drive me the long route (over 6 hours) home to Reykjavik, via Siglufjörður, ( click here for more info on Siglufjörður and previous blog). As with every where the Viking has taken me, I was once more amazed by the light and landscape. It is worth looking through the many photos below, the landscape is astonishingly beautiful.

road trip 2

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