The Last Ride

last days-8301

The last few days on Hrisey, were taken up packing, doing long walks on my favourite trails, farewelling the space and tranquility and the views that had captured me so completely and having farewell drinks with my lovely local friends. I also decided to visit Simbi and his horses one last time, a final ride before I headed home to my oversized steed. As usual, nothing happens in a rush with Simbi, making use of my presence, he decided it would helpful to have me help him get three brood mares and foals onto a float and deliver them to their winter pastures, this proved a little exciting with one of the mares being relatively unhanded and unco-operative, but where there is a will there is a way, and soon enough they were all bundled on and off we went. We met a couple of Goose Hunters on route… Once we had unloaded the mares and foals, we returned for a little coffee (unfortunately no cheese sandwiches) and then saddled up to head up the mountain towards the glacier.

last days-8033 last days-8031 last days-8050 last days-8065

last days-8021 last days-8025

last days-8079

It had been snowing, so the footing was not ideal, but nothing seems to phase Simbi or his horses. To my amusement we skirted the back of the village of Dalvik before we headed up the mountain- and found that peoples unfenced manicured lawns provided excellent footing for some fast paces… only marred by having to duck under the odd washing line- which luckily as the “horses” are so short statured wasn’t a problem!!

Once up into the mountain it was spell binding (and very, very cold), there had been more snow in the mountains, and the snow line was creeping down towards the village. The footing was slippery, but these incredible little horses seem to have 8 legs, they always seem to find a couple to stay upright on. We rode right up to a little cabin used for hikers to stay in, or in case they get caught in the weather; the weather is notoriously fickle in Iceland, and nothing can be planned properly until the morning or day before, and it isn’t to be messed with, people can and do die getting caught out by the weather. My fingers were frozen, from having to take my gloves off to take photos with my iPhone! The ride was spectacular and I really enjoyed it, but it didn’t end there… when we got back to the stables, Simbi saddled up his young fly-pace horse, showed me a few demos of him going like the clappers down the central runway/corridor of the barn, and then told me it was my go! What fun!! I managed to get some video of Simbi doing the fly pace- but he is a little adverse to technologically so I have no footage of my successful attempts! Anyway Simbi was very kind and said I was much better now (at lawn mower seat) and if I rode a couple more times I was ready to go racing. This was very sad news- as I would love a go at racing but the time was drawing ever nearer for my departure!!!

last days-8287
You can clearly see Hrisey Island in the Fjord here and the village of Dalvik below.

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