SPEECHLESS!!! The Northern Lights are blinding!

So tonight, I was cooking dinner, sipping on my card board box red wine, when my friend who lives across the grassy area- called me and said “Ahh, you might want to go outside….”  and oh my gosh- I was blown away. The lights danced across the entire sky, it was so hard to know where to look. You could see the pinks and colours of the lights as they moved in sinuous swathes, twisting and turning across the sky, spinning and swirling, flickering and pulsating. I was absolutely stunned by their beauty. I was on my knees with my camera and tripod, at times resorting to letting out a string of expletives trying to express my amazement!!!

It is worth clicking on atleast one of these images to see a little bigger just how amazing this phenomena is.

Iceland, you are one amazing place to be.

edited north lights-5982 edited north lights-5989 edited north lights-5980 edited north lights-5949 edited north lights-5952 edited north lights-5944 edited north lights-5947 edited north lights-5948 edited north lights-5940 edited north lights-5942 edited north lights-5923 edited north lights-5891 edited north lights-5898 edited north lights-5900

north lights-5933 north lights-5936 north lights-5937 north lights-5939 north lights-5940 north lights-5942 north lights-5943 north lights-5944 north lights-5945 north lights-5947 north lights-5946 north lights-5948 north lights-5950 north lights-5949 north lights-5951 north lights-5953 north lights-5952 north lights-5955 north lights-5971 north lights-5968 north lights-5976 north lights-5980 north lights-5977 north lights-5982 north lights-5987 north lights-5984 north lights-5989 north lights-5991 north lights-5992 north lights-5993 north lights-6002 north lights-5996 north lights-6005 north lights-5878 north lights-5882 north lights-5883 north lights-5887 north lights-5884 north lights-5888 north lights-5890 north lights-5889 north lights-5893 north lights-5892 north lights-5891 north lights-5896 north lights-5894 north lights-5897 north lights-5899 north lights-5898 north lights-5900 north lights-5903 north lights-5901 north lights-5902 north lights-5904 north lights-5905 north lights-5906 north lights-5914 north lights-5915 north lights-5916 north lights-5917 north lights-5923 north lights-5925 north lights-5929 north lights-5933 north lights-5930 north lights-5931


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